Manhattan NY Hotel Carter

Manhattan NY Hotel Carter

just arrived home from NY the last two days have been spent starring at my computer trying to get as many images edited by tonight as possible,  NY was an amazing experience, different then last time.  Not better not worse, different 

the funny thing was, i walked into Manhattan with an almost self assured feeling, like i belong, like im’ supposed to be there.  Theres something about that city that makes me inspired.  I became depressed after a few days with the realization that i can never live there.  Unfortunately i have a complication in my life that will never understand.  BUT it’s not going to stop me from visiting

i see big things in the next few years, i’m gonna make life happen..

My new pretty!

Upon planning my Birthday Trip to New York, i booked some models and MUA’s on model mayhem then worked up the balls to contact a local agency.  Here in Seattle i’ve kinda got a cool thing here with one of the agencies, they’ve been very VERY accommodating  to my, talent supply.  So i thought i would “test” the waters in NY.. Within MOMENTS of my first email, i was given a contact name.. with in MINUTES of contacting them, i had my first model package from a NY agency MC2.  THIS IS HUGE for me.. so to celebrate, AND for my birthday, i purchased a new lens.  Today has been pretty cool..  i’ve got a few things in waiting that i’m excited to see what may come.   So heres to 2012 and what awesome sauce may come!